Troubles with quantified risk

  1. Security return-on-investment does not guarantee investment.
  2. Assuming a breach, or proving the absence of one?
  3. Multiple definitions of the word: “Risk.”
  4. Competing beliefs for the meaning of probability.
  5. Systems are too complex to predict quantitatively.

See? If we spend money on security, we save money!”

  • The lack of obvious mitigations (“Driving without a seatbelt is a risk”)
  • An amount of property at stake (“We have too much risk in volatile investments”)
  • General expressions of fear. (“This feels pretty risky…”)

The three nouns risk, safety, security, and the two adjectives safe and secure have widespread use in different senses. Their polysemy will make any attempt to define them in a single unified manner extremely difficult. *

Summarizing lessons

  • Organizational influence is not solved by quantifying risk.
  • Quantification will force you to re-examine your assume breach mentality.
  • Quantified risk language clashes with everyday risk language.
  • We prefer frequentist approaches. Never exclude subjective ones.
  • Design systems to be resilient against consequences with unknown causes.


  • “You can’t predict adversaries.” — (1)
  • If it’s not falsifiable, it’s not scientific.” — (1, 2, 3)
  • Why can’t I measure performance with risk reduction?” — (1)




Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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Ryan McGeehan

Ryan McGeehan

Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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