The next 50 years of cyber security.

Making our risks as quantifiable and predictable as the weather.

Can we “solve” cyber security with a focus on efficiency?

How would this change a security strategy?

Why aren’t we measuring ourselves like other industries?

Security teams operate far too differently from one another.

There are 3 things we need to move ourselves forward.

1. Classification language for root causes of a breach.

I took a stab at root cause classification: The Blockchain Graveyard.

Blockchain Graveyard Estimations

Other industries demand proper incident classification.

There’s plenty of optimism around classification.

2. A root cause must appear in data breach notifications.

Nuclear regulation provides centrally accessible root cause data.

Root cause information for a minor nuclear incident… yesterday.

3. Security efforts must require a probabilistic result.


Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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