Lessons learned in risk measurement


  • Work I’ve done!
  • Experiences so far and opinions I’ve formed.
  • Where I might go from here.

1. Work done so far

2. Experiences so far and opinions I’ve formed

  • Two Option or Credible Interval: 0.5
  • Three Option: 0.666
  • Four Option: 0.75
  • Five Option: 0.8

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

3. What is next?

  1. Observe a security engineer, tech lead, manager, director, and CISO represent risks as the probability that the bad event(s) they care about will occur in a given timeframe.
  2. Encourage industrial insurers, regulators, auditors, or decision platforms to publish opinions on the probability of incident analysis. This will help hold us accountable for being wildly wrong or fraudulent in risk predictions. This provides trust in #1.
  3. Encourage an increased trend in disclosure as a safety culture value. Encourage the development and enforcement of breach notification laws. Better regulation will centralize incidents and root causes. This provides trust in #2.
  4. Build imposed risk models that can be efficiently included in a companies quantification of risk. Companies properly budget and prioritize a security organization and its potential harm on the world as they become inclusive of societal risk instead of just their own losses. Help a company measurably show they work to protect their customers interests outside of their own.
  5. Show that we can request risk measurements from organizations we’d normally envelop in a qualitative compliance process. “What’s the likelihood that you’ll lose this data in 5 years?” can be immediately responded to without resorting to a normative theater of checklists and certifications.





Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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Ryan McGeehan

Ryan McGeehan

Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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