A risk decomposition walkthrough

1. Create a scenario.

We disclose ≥1 incidents with ≥$10M damages in 2021.

2. Forecast whether it will happen or not.

3. Consider: How did it happen?

  • IT compromises
  • Product security failures
  • Infrastructure failures
  • Vendors
  • Other gives us a catch-all for errors: incidents that weren’t considered or difficult to classify. Do your best to pick categories that are unlikely to intermingle in an incident. This can be difficult. But, in the event that something is too difficult to classify — it’s Other.

4. Forecast… (again)!

5. Consider, and forecast (AGAIN!)

6. Find the hotspots.

  1. Employee ATO: Perhaps, an employee’s single factor credentials being leaked and exploited.
  2. Cloud IaaS Misconfigured (S3 / DB / Backups): Maybe an S3 bucket being exposed after a configuration change.
  3. Credential reuse in our product / Endpoint breach / Vendor (three way tie): How is a single vendor as risky as a whole other category? Maybe worth discussing.


  • Why do you think X is so likely? It’s not even possible.
  • I’m really surprised you expect Y to happen more than Z.
  • I thought we fixed A and B, shouldn’t it be lower?





Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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Ryan McGeehan

Ryan McGeehan

Writing about risk, security, and startups.

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